Creation Of Women Entrepreneurship Creation of Women Entrepreneurship by providing 5 goats/sheep

The Government of Tamil Nadu launched a Creation of Women Entrepreneurship  by providing 5 goats/sheep at 100% subsidy to Rural Poor Widows / Deserted and Destitute Women at a cost of Rs.75.63 crore
Animal Husbandry has a major role in sustainable livelihood in rural areas. This scheme concentrates mainly on rural women to become entrepreneurs. 

  100 beneficiaries in a block will be provided with 5 goats/sheep to each at 100% subsidy totaling to 38,800 beneficiaries will be provided with 1,94,000 goats/sheep.

 Rs.3,500 per animal has been ear marked for purchase of goat/sheep, in addition Rs.200 per animal has been ear marked as seed money to beneficiaries.

The insurance coverage for a period of 2 years will be done at Government cost. 

 Beneficiary should be widow or deserted women by husband or destitute women living in poverty or covered under Below Poverty Line category.

 Must be the landless agricultural labourers. (None of the members whose names co-exist in the family card in which the beneficiarys name finds a place should own any land) 

Should be a permanent resident of the Village Panchayat. 

Beneficiary should be below 60 years of age. 

Should not own any cow and goats/sheep at present. 

 Should not be an employee of Central / State Government or any organization / co-operative or member of any Local Body (nor should their spouse or father/mother/ parents-in-law/son/daughter/ son- in-law/ daughter-in-law be so).

 Should not have benefited from the Free Distribution of Milch Cows, Free Distribution of Goats/Sheep and Rural Backyard Development of Sheep/Goats (NLM) Schemes of the Government earlier.

Creation Of Women Entrepreneurship

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